These items are from my personal collection and acquired when I attended the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  Please note, the grey display tray is not included with the sale.

Please view the photos as these form an integral part of the listing.

The collection comprises:

  • 1 x Homebush Olympic Stadium Athletics Ticket
  • 1 x Sydney 2000 Team Support Badge
  • 1 x rare Sydney 2000 white badge with olympic colours
  • 1 x Equestrian Coin & Pin Set
  • 1 x Equestrian Pin
  • 1 x Badminton Pin
  • 1 x Weightlifting Pin

*Postage Sizing: Small Item*      

If you would like to purchase additional  *small-sized items* via my eBay store, the excess postage will be refunded once I receive the orders.