Baby Bliss is an endearing little chap measuring 14cm in length or 13cm when seated.   He is a handmade natural mohair one-of-a-kind bear with genuine leather pad paws.  Each Robin Rive bear is given a name; they are designed & handmade in Auckland, New Zealand with bears in the Limited Edition collection having the signature on the right paw.

Baby Bliss has been in my collection ‘from new’ & is in perfect condition. He has articulated joints, a shaved muzzle & safety eyes; he comes with all his original tags & certificate of authenticity attached.

Robin Rive Care instructions: 

  • to freshen up after his journey he would like a light brush and a gentle COOL blow dry
  • for marks on his mohair you can very gently sponge – however be sure not to soak the fabric as you may damage the joints.
  • if he gets a little dusty while relaxing around the home, you can put a pillowcase over the end of a vacuum hose and VERY carefully go over the area.

*Postage Sizing: Small Item*      

If purchasing multiple *small-sized items* via my eBay store, the excess postage will be refunded once I receive the orders.