This teapot is a rare find. It is decorated with pink & white raised enamel flowers & tripod stilt marks & lack of backstamp make this an early piece.  The teapot should only be used as a decorative item as I cannot guarantee its safe use if filled with boiling water or the quality of the liquid if consumed.

Dimensions:  Handle to Spout 22.5cm Base to Handle  15cm  Base 14cm wide

Research indicates the teapot is most likely “Jackfield-type Ware” as it is made of red clay with elaborate floral decoration on thin walls with a deep, shiny, lustrous black glaze on both the interior & exterior.  Jackfield-type wares were produced between 1740 & 1790, however this piece was most likely produced sometime in the 19th century.  Production was commonly associated with the Staffordshire area & once a glaze & decorative pattern such as Jackfield became popular, it was continued indefinitely.  (Source: Florida Museum Historical Archaeology Type Collection).

**Due to the size & extremely fragile nature it does not qualify for flat rate postage – the additional postage costs have been included in the purchase price**

Notes on condition –  as returns will not be accepted based on the condition as described & shown, please contact me prior to purchase if you require any further information:

  • there is a 0.3cm chip to the underside of the spout (which helpfully reveals the red clay of the teapot);
  • the edges of the base have some rubbing  & remnants of gold gilding which would be expected given the age of the piece;
  • the high gloss finish makes it difficult to photograph  & as such there is reflection present; and
  • please view the photos included with the listing as these form an integral part of the listing.

Disclaimer:  The teapot has not been appraised by an expert.

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