A rare opportunity to purchase a limited edition, signed Keren Kopal Trinket Box.   This is a hand painted original creation featuring a feathered hat design; the band is set with pale pink Austrian & Swarovski crystals; the brim & band are edged with 24K gold. It has a hinged lid which lifts to reveal a hollow section; when closed, it is held in place by a small magnet.

Please carefully refer to the accompanying photos prior to purchase, as returns will not be accepted based on the storage capacity of the item. 

It is important for purchasers to determine if the flat base & hollow nature of the brim will be suitable to accomodate items. I am happy to answer any questions regarding the item prior to your purchase. Keren Kopal is an artist with her own unique sculpture collection.  During one of her visits to Moscow, she discovered the fabulous work of Peter Carl Faberge and inspired by it, began working on her own unique sculpture collection.  (source: Keren Kopal Story).

Dimensions: Brim 6.5cm L x 6cm W   Height of hat brim (hollow): 2cm

*Postage Sizing: Small Item*      

If purchasing multiple *small-sized items* via my eBay store, the excess postage will be refunded once I receive the orders.