This gold plated bronze (bronze gilt) medallion was presented to school children in Victoria and was struck by Stokes & Sons to commemorate the coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth on 12 May 1937.  The medallion has been in my family collection since being presented to a family member in 1937.    Dimensions: 3cm

It is from an interesting time in Royal history with the abandoned coronation of King Edward VIII due to take place on 12 May 1937. However Edward VIII abdicated on 11 December 1936 due to his attempt to marry Wallis Simpson which led to the cancellation of  his coronation.  The coronation date itself was not cancelled and his brother & successor King Georve VI & his wife Queen Elizabeth were crowned on that date instead. (source: museumsvictoria).

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Notes on condition – as returns will not be accepted based on the condition as described & shown, please contact me prior to purchase if you require any further information:

  • it has not been cleaned – this will be for the purchaser to undertake if they wish to;
  • there is age related/storage wear commensurate with age;
  • the actual colour of the medallion is slightly darker than shown; a lighter exposure was used to show the detailing; and
  • please view the accompanying photos as these form an integral part of the description

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