Offered for sale are two vintage Koala Bears.

Bear No. 1 :

  • Approximately 14cm wide x 10cm wide.  This bear has no damage and has both eyes and 4 hands.  He sits by himself, however not as upright as the second bear.

Bear No. 2 (main listing photo)

  • Approximately 16.5cm high x 14cm wide.  This bear has both eyes and 4 hands, HOWEVER
  • IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the main bear pictured in this listing is included at a HEAVILY DISCOUNTED rate as it requires stitching around the back of the neck.
  • See 2nd photo showing the area to be repaired.  With the correct stitching and a bow around the neck, this gorgeous guy, would come up a treat.

These bears are a great price and well worth considering and with a little TLC on the 2nd bear, they would make the perfect gift.  As they are light in weight, they would also make the ideal overseas ‘Australiana’ present.